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Heartcrushingly Beautiful: Year End Mixtapes 2023

Get ready to wrap up the year with a bang! It’s that thrilling time when we unveil the absolute best albums of the year.

Brace yourselves for a double dose of musical magic – not only the top album releases, but also an electrifying post featuring the creme de la creme of genre-specific playlists from 2023.

Dive into the excitement and savor this year’s epic lineup of phenomenal music! It’s time to crank up the volume and relish the auditory wonders that 2023 has delivered.

Let the music celebration begin!


Alt pop I

Alt pop II

Jazz I

Jazz II

Indie Pop I

Indie Pop II

Rock I

Rock II

Rock III


Modern Classical


Electronic I

Electronic II

From us at Pink Cotton Candy Records, we wish you happy holidays and a happy new year!

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