About Deirdre

Deirdre, the musical alias of Joakim Johnsen, is a Copenhagen-based songwriter and multi-instrumentalist. Drawing influence from 90’s slacker-rock, emo, grunge and shoegaze combined with a contemporary – experimental, layered and electronically manipulated – take on folk-rock/singer-songwriter, Deirdre (named after a tragic heroine in Irish folklore) creates boundary-pushing, melodic and intimate modern indie rock for the present day. With a warm and confessional – yet sometimes slightly absurdist, wry and detached – tone of voice, Johnsen’s lyrics offer unfiltered and immediate everyday observations comprising unique personal perspectives on otherwise familiar feelings such as longing, loneliness and doubt. Inspired by the likes of Elliott Smith, Alex G, Built to Spill and Elvis Depressedly, Deirdre’s debut-album, “Heart Work,” is set to be released November 2023 on Pink Cotton Candy Records. Definitely an emerging artist to watch from the thriving Danish alt-rock scene!


Heart Work

Blending elements of indie rock, folk, lo-fi, and DIY ethos – combined with attributes of a contemporary pop production – Deirdre’s (Joakim Johnsen) debut album “Heart Work” feels both nostalgic and contemporary, ranging from serene acoustic passages to vibrant, noisy walls of sound, paying homage to the melodic brilliance of acts such as Alex G, Dinosaur Jr, Teenage Fanclub and Elliott Smith. Johnsen describes the album as delving into a clear relational longing and the aftermath that accompanies it, such as loneliness, anxiety, and doubt; as songs originating from close relationships and personal impressions, written quickly and spontaneously – like momentary snapshots encapsulating fleeting emotions – and recorded/produced with a DIY approach heavily influenced by lo-fi aesthetics. A genuine, heartfelt and yet playfully experimental musical experience, “Heart Work” is scheduled for release November 2023 on Pink Cotton Candy Records.