Quiet Sonia

About Quiet Sonia

Quiet Sonia is a Copenhagen-based experimental chamber rock/folk septet – with a discography already ranging from post-rock and modern classical to post-punk and indie rock – consisting of songwriter/composer Nikolaj Bruus (acoustic guitar, lead vocals), Thea Thorborg (violin), Frida Rolskov (piano, vocals), Rasmus Lundager (keys, vocals), Jens Christiansen (drums), Phillip Dyssegaard (bass) and Anders Meyer (electric guitar), known from various different nationally succesful indie acts such as Ydegirl and Schultz & Forever. Fronted by Nikolaj Bruus’ compositions on acoustic guitar, rich baritone-voice and evocative abstract lyrics, Quiet Sonia plays big, sprawling yet intimate and highly dynamic emotional rock music with longer narrative-like structures, improvisational elements and intricate detailled arrangements. Their playfulness and curiosity is demonstrated through their genre-eclectic approach, their constant exploration of new methodologies and aesthetic approaches and their defiance of conventional musical forms. QS is also a more solo-oriented moniker of Nikolaj Bruus, writing and recording within different constellations of the core QS-septet with additional guests.


QS (Self Titled)

Recorded entirely live in a candle-lit studio over the course of a weekend at The Royal Danish Academy of Music, Quiet Sonia’s debut full-length, “QS”, is the first recording with the whole seven-piece group, paying homage to a certain bunch of classic rock records with a distinctive “live” or “band” feel such as Songs: Ohia’s “Magnolia Electric Co.”, Van Morrison’s “Astral Weeks” or Cowboy Junkies’ “The Trinity Session”. Not at least the way recording worked (before multitrack-recording) when you recorded straight-to-tape, literally cut a track in wax! With a certain raw, stark quality – and no overdubs – this record is all about the core of the songwriting, the quality of the group’s interplay and the momentaneous energy of the individual performances. An exercise in attentive listening and feeling – delicately working with subtle shifts in texture, tempo, dynamics, improvisational elements and the artistic use of silence – the result is a certain warmth, urgency and intimacy perhaps too rarely experienced in rock music nowadays. “QS” is a big, wide open – sprawling yet intimate – noisy, raw and emotional chamber-rock/folk/post-rock record that we hope you’ll enjoy as much as QS enjoyed making it.