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Based in Copenhagen, Denmark, Bright Young Future is an experimental collage-pop project consisting of Rune Risager (Vibrant as Fuck, Den Fjerde Væg) and Jacob Abildgaard (Black Horse). Combining ambient, sample music, noise, glitch, doom and pop music, BYF is contemporary, playful and spontaneous post-genre music best described as a photogram of moods: Abstract and colorful musical montages, saturated, synthetic, chemical-like – with sound sources such as synths, organs, laptop, guitars and field recordings – shifting between expressions of strange warm hazy nostalgia and harsh digital futuristic explorations; ultimately engaging us in a tremendously personal, dream-like and surrealist musical universe.


Life-on-the-Bridge -cover
Life on the Bridge
I Saw You Flying
I Saw You Flying
End Summer In The Sun (Single)
End Summer In the Sun
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Jacob and Rune has been creating music under “Bright Young Future” since 2017 when they played together in the indie-folk band Black Horse. They needed a space for creating spontaneous music without limits, and began to improvise black metal, ambient, noise, punk, free music and obscure pop songs. Through that they discovered a deep interest and understanding of instant composing, and what was to become a strong foundation for the music of Bright Young Future. In August 2020 they self-released their debut-album “Black Wings”.