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Chopper is a solo project by Jonatan K. Magnussen (The Love Coffin) based in Copenhagen, Denmark. Pop melodies on cheap keyboards, howling glam rock guitars, big plastic horn sections, repetitive dancebeats and distorted vocals, all swirling around in a mysterious and haunting universe. Chopper is a mixture of many different genres and emotions, but with a love for ’70s horror flicks and flamboyant pop/rock music in all its forms and shapes, Chopper lives well and free in a strange but captivating world.

“Gothic, romantic (…) hard-hitting and confronting. I’m ready to declare that I’ve seen the future of dark danceable rock music”

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“It’s trashy and theatrical, but also devilishly catchy. Buy yourself a ticket to the carnival, and take a spin on the nightmare-carousel with Chopper”

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The Wonderful and Wicked World of Chopper

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