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Homesickness is an indie-folk/jazz/post-rock septet framed around the tranquil and pensive artistic voice of Copenhagen-based singer, guitarist, lyricist and painter, Malthe Junge. A trust-based and compassionate musical space – striving to transmit and elucidate the often verbally inexplicable joys and sorrows of personal mental health and emotional life – the group paints a varied sonic picture using sound sources such as violin, piano, trompet, saxophone and mellotrone, besides the acoustic and electric guitar, drums and bass.


Homesickness - Blood Rush, Tempest Oceans
Blood Rush, Tempest Oceans
Homesickness - Breaking Eyes, Aching Smiles
Breaking Eyes, Aching Smiles
Your Fire Must Dance Again, Single Art
Your Fire Must Dance Again


Malthe Knudsen

Ideally, the compositions work as intuitive artistic tools to mirror and stimulate conversations about mental health, spirituality, love and relations; a glimpse into a highly personal, vulnerable – and sometimes almost devotional – striving for emancipation, where light and love, pain and darkness can be unified into a cohesive aesthetic whole.

Homesickness Artwork