My Tjau is Kapow



My Tjau is Kapow is an experimental electronic post-rock band hailing from the underground scene of Odense, Denmark, including the involvement of Jens Christiansen (drums, synths), Nikolaj Bruus (guitar, synths), Alexander Jørgensen (bass, synths), Tobias Frank (mixing, synths) and Carl Emil Brønnum (beats, synths), among others. Combining an indie-rock inspired organic universe – acoustic drums, electric guitars, bass and analog synths – with synthetic electronic glitch, beats and loops, My Tjau is Kapow falls perhaps somewhere between IDM, shoegaze, post-rock and indie-electronica. Inspired by the likes of Seefeel, Tortoise, Manual and Autechre, MTIK delivers sublime euphoric sound that makes you want to dance and cry at the same time.