Quiet Sonia - All Black Horses Came Thundering

All Black Horses Came Thundering

In stark contrast to the solo-oriented, densely constructed and detail-focused ‘Wild and Bitter Fruits’, ‘All Black Horses Came Thundering’ is recorded live and consists solely of first takes: In an attempt to capture the living breath of musicians interacting together in the moment, giving space to musical fragility, interpretative freedom and all the so-called ‘mistakes’ that follows. The compositions are written by Nikolaj Bruus on acoustic guitar, and then re-worked, re-arranged and accompanied with the help of the ‘chamber-version’ of Quiet Sonia, consisting of violin, double bass, grand piano, organ and vocals. In many ways, ABHCT is an exercise in minimalism: To allow each tone a certain weight and meaning, to leave room for thought and interpretation, to open up a less interruptive musical space for existence.

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And Yet It Speaks
In My Arms Many Flowers
All Black Horses Came Thundering

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The musical expression is at the same time spherical, sensitive and melancholic, confronting, brutal and starkly realistic. The lyrics are a blend of diary notes, conversations with loved ones and cut up poetry, and concern basic human topics such as friendship, family, love, mental illness and identity.

‘All Black Horses Came Thundering’ is an attempt to capture something warm and organic while giving space to the unfinished, the fleeting, the fragile. Among our inspirations for this project is Talk Talk’s late albums, ECM jazz albums, different kinds of ambient and American Primitivism heroes such as Robbie Basho and James Blackshaw

All Black Horses Came Thundering


In My Arms Many Flowers

Blackout as April under the stream of stars. Butterflies at construction
  sites. Crawl, sister. Mother, I can barely see. Faceless when it rains.

Shatter window panes. For heaven’s sake. Look out where yr going.
             You’re broke and very brave and I believe in you.

Just a few more days. While we wait for a miracle. Now everything’s
          supposed to be quiet. And in my arms, many flowers.

Nikolaj Bruus


You know, i just had the feeling
             that we’re wasting our Saturday
        you bring the whisky 
               i’ve got the beers 
    now come to my place …

       you just saw your ex-girl
             with a new guy
                    affront your window 
              at the hill.
    … has she forgotten where i live? 
                 now it’s gonna rain for three days!

          man, it’s wild
  he just jumped on the train 
       don’t wanna let him down now —
     gonna have a goooood time 

    just write to say i’m sorry
       ‘bout the other night 
         for a while there 
     it just seemed i couldn’t 
    look myself into the eyes.

  you always wondered whether 
          she was sensitive, stupid 
                     or a sadist…?
 god, they held each others hands 
                god, i see her all around

           sitting in the grass
                 sitting in the sun
              missing your company 
           has it been so long 

                     u said 
the only thing we do whole-heartedly
                is to get drunk

                     I said:
“the games you can’t face in daylight
                 you won’t win 
             when the lights are out”

       do you also feel ashamed
                       feel the guilt 
            the fear of wasting 
                  but who’s there to punish you
               for your missteps? 

                   I feel sick
                  tired, weak
           don’t know if it’s real 
          or i’m just imagining it 


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