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Quiet Sonia Single-Release: This Tender Violence



Quiet Sonia has released their debut-single, “This Tender Violence” (May 6 2022), which is now available on all digital services, streaming platforms and Bandcamp. They’ve also announced their debut-EP “Wild and Bitter Fruits” (June 10 2022). So far, there’s been press-coverage at Tome to the Weather Machine, The Owl Mag, and different playlist-placements – and more confirmed press coming …!! It’s an exciting time for a newly started label, and we’re so grateful.

We also held our first PCC event April 30 at Råhuset, Copenhagen, and it was a blast! Thanks so much to Råhuset, Chopper, Tettix Hexer, Fatak, DJ’s and the audience for creating a magic evening.

We’ve slowly filled our calendar with wonderful releases throughout 2022, and signed new acts for 2023. We cannot wait to share the music with you.

Thanks to Anders Bjørn Sprogøe for the beautiful single-art. If you like the music, please consider donating to QS through Spotify (PayPal) for them to continue making and releasing great music.

Here’s a link-tree for listening to the single.


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