About the EP

In stark contrast to the solo-oriented, densely constructed and detail-focused ‘Wild and Bitter Fruits’, ‘All Black Horses Came Thundering’ is recorded live and consists solely of first takes: In an attempt to capture the living breath of musicians interacting together in the moment, giving space to musical fragility, interpretative freedom and all the so-called ‘mistakes’ that follows. The compositions are written by Nikolaj Bruus on acoustic guitar, and then re-worked, re-arranged and accompanied with the help of the ‘chamber-version’ of Quiet Sonia, consisting of violin, double bass, grand piano, organ and vocals. In many ways, ABHCT is an exercise in minimalism: To allow each tone a certain weight and meaning, to leave room for thought and interpretation, to open up a less interruptive musical space for existence. An attempt to capture something warm and organic while giving space to the unfinished, the fleeting, the fragile. Among QS’ inspirations for this project is Talk Talk’s late albums, ECM jazz albums, different kinds of ambient and American Primitivism figures such as Robbie Basho and James Blackshaw.

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All Black Horses Came Thundering (EP)

Release Date : November 7, 2022
Artist : Quiet Sonia
Catalog ref. : PCC0005DR
Format : Digital Download

Nikolaj Bruus: Acoustic Steel String Guitar, Lead Vocal
Thea Thorborg Pedersen: Violin
Rasmus Jon Lundager: Organ
Frida Rolskov Pedersen: Grand Piano, Backing Vocals
Phillip Dyssegaard: Upright Bass

Engineer: Kristian Alexander Pedersen
Mastering: David Elberling
Mix: Nikolaj Bruus
Album Artwork: Nikolaj Bruus
Album Design: Pink Cotton Candy Records