About the Album

Making room for improvisation and exploring the beauty and fragility of musical coincidences, the  musical expression on “Blood Rush, Tempest Oceans” is delicate, frail, gentle and yet profound  (perhaps revitalizing the expression “quiet is the new loud”). A heartwarming – equally sad and  uplifting – piece of music, knowing grief but promising hope, we believe this work to be an  understated but deep and graceful musical experience. The album deals with a difficult period of  life marked by PTSD – the diagnosis, the acceptance and the following treatment – and the  simultaneous revitalization and awakening of a broken heart. There’s a weightless almost  immaterial pastoral quality to the songs, a soft, kind embrace. It’s about patience, peace, and  healing. A truly empathetic project, we’re proud to release “Blood Rush, Tempest Oceans” on Pink  Cotton Candy Records.

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Blood Rush, Tempest Oceans

Release Date : November 25, 2022
Artist : Homesickness
Catalog ref. : PCC0004VR
Format : Vinyl

All songs written and composed by Malthe Junge
Guitar & Song: Malthe Junge
Guitar: Anton Jeppe Thomsen, Jacob Kaarsberg, Anders Jahn, Peter Bruhn
Piano: Osvald Reinhold, Johan Knutz Haavik
Bas: Peter Buch, Johan Knutz Haavik, Joachim Schierning, Malthe Junge
Lapsteel: Johan Knutz Haavik
Synthesizer: Osvald Reinhold
Saxophone: Peter Buch
Violin: Jacob Kaarsberg
Bratsch: Patrick Rathbun
Drums/Percussion: Johan Knutz Haavik, Jakob Ivarsson, Malthe Junge, Eigil Pock-Steen Jørgensen
Trumpet: Jakob T. Jorsal
Mellotrone: Johan Knutz Haavik, Malthe Junge
Choir: Johan Knutz Haavik, Osvald Reinhold, Lasse S. Hansen, Tobias Grann, Jacob Kaarsberg, Jacob T. Jorsal
Choir-arrangements: Osvald Reinhold, Jacob Kaarsberg
Mix/Production: Johan Knutz Haavik
Mastering: Knut Haavik
Album-Art / Single-Art: Liva Jo
all rights reserved