About the SIngle

The debut-single “Breaking Eyes, Aching Smiles” from Homesickness’ album “Blood Rush, Tempest Oceans” is a calm, rich folk song of incredible warmth – paying kind homage to 1960’s-70’s artists
such as Nick Drake, John Martyn and Joni Mitchell – described by songwriter Malthe Junge as (…) a song written in the narrow space between fall and winter, an ode to the darkness which light follows, the ache of a tired heart and the hope of a new to come.” With a deep open tuning on a soft fingerpicked acoustic guitar, exploratory jazz-inspirered fretless-bass, lush atmospheric synth-soundscapes and analog flimsy tape noise, “Breaking Eyes, Aching Smiles” was written in the search for acceptance; of finding peace and strenght in newly-found solitude, or in Junges words “by starring into the cold bright sun, by carrying my heart unshielded, by observing its shadow”.

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Breaking Eyes, Aching Smiles (Single)

Release Date : September 23, 2022
Artist : Homesickness
Format : Digital Download

Guitar / Vocals: Malthe Junge
Bass: Joachim Schierning/Johan Knutz Haavik
Mix engineer: Johan Knutz Haavik
Mastering: Knut Haavik
Single art: Liva Jo