About the EP

Copenhagen-based Taxidermy presents their official debut with the EP “Coin,” offering an intense deep dive into frustration and bleakness, the cryptic, disorienting and surreal. This release serves as an aesthetically potent, punchy, and energetic noise-rock/post-punk symphony, drawing inspiration from a variety of sources including post-hardcore, no wave, and early emo. On”Coin”, Taxidermy takes the listener on a dynamic journey through four serpentine, intricate songs that twist and turn unpredictably through the course of the EP. At the core of this whirlwind of haunting harmonics, tangled guitars, and hectic rhythms, lies the distinctive emotive vocals of Osvald Reinhold – painting vivid pictures of suburban emptiness, inner turmoil, oscillating between dystopian apocalyptic imagery and cryptic introspection – leaving lasting impressions of existential unease. Dissonant, angular and frenetic, tension-fuelled, raw and unsettling, “Coin” offers an urgent introduction to a new Danish band definitely worth looking out for.



Artist : Taxidermy
Catalog ref. : PCC0011DR
Format : Digital Download

Osvald Reinhold (vocal, guitar)
Toke Brejning Frederiksen (guitar)
Malthe Junge (guitar)
Joachim Lorck-Schierning (bass guitar)
Johan Knutz Haavik (drums)
Mix : Johan Knutz Haavik
Mastering: Knut Haavik