About the Single

An euphoric and high-energy mix of the sounds of Bright Young Future and Tettix Hexer, End Summer in the Sun is the first single of both their upcoming, respective albums. The immediacy of Bright Young Future’s at once heartfelt cool melodies and lyrics as well as their playful instrumentation is stretched and lifted over a landscape of Tettix Hexer’s kinetic beats and shifting synthesizers. The result is an anthemic, emotional and explosive hybrid of IDM, doomsday pop and hypergaze with notes of industrial and nu-metal.

End Summer in the Sun is about  not getting stuck in a toxic train of thoughts, difficult situations  and life in general – getting in touch with the heart of things, reaching out, cherishing the last summer sun while getting the most out of the life you’re living.

“We (Bright Young Future) wrote ‘End Summer in the Sun’ in the summer of 2021. We worked on and off, writing lyrics together and playing around as we recorded it. When we played the track for Jens (Tettix Hexer), he wanted to mix it right away. Tettix ended up giving it the tension and expression we were looking for and took the song even further. It became a beautiful chaos of many different emotions, escalating in a high-energy, euphoric blend of Tettix Hexer and Bright Young Future.”

– Rune Risager of Bright Young Future

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End Summer In The Sun (Single)

Release Date : June 17, 2022
Artist : Bright Young Future
Format : Digital Download

Bright Young Future are Jacob Abildgaard & Rune Risager
Tettix Hexer is Jens Leonhard Aagaard
Lyricists: Jacob Abildgaard & Rune Risager
Composers: Jacob Abildgaard, Rune Risager & Jens Aagaard
Production: Tettix Hexer & Bright Young Future
Recorded by: Jacob Abildgaard, Rune Risager, Jens Leonhard Aagaard & Nikolaj Nielsen
Mix: Jens Leonhard Aagaard
Mastering: Taylor Deupree
Artwork: Rune Risager & Carl Bunny