About the Single

“I Saw You Flying”  is the emotive, intimate yet spacious second single of Copenhagen-based Bright Young Future’s upcoming album, “Life on the Bridge” (August 19 2022). An experimental piece of hypnagogic pop – with some of the meditative qualities of ambient music – it brings forth pictures of rain, desolated urban areas and vermillion-colored skies. It’s a funeral hymn about letting go and saying goodbye to a loved one you’ll never see again. Vintage synth oddities and organs, ethereal tenor vocals and dynamic electronic processing meets in a nocturnal and deeply personal tune of great beauty, longing and sadness.

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I Saw You Flying (Single)

Release Date : July 15, 2022
Artist : Bright Young Future
Format : Digital Download

Performed, written and produced by Bright Young Future
Mix: Rune Risager
Additional mix: Tettix Hexer
Nikolaj Nielsen: Vocal-recording
Master: Taylor Deupree
Cover-art: Rune Risager