About the Single

‘In My Arms Many Flowers’ is a midnight lullaby, a shimmering and mournful tone-poem – partly addressed to a good friend in need, partly poetically informed by horrors of war – about gathering strength and maintaining hope in the face of great sorrow and tragedy. Finger-picked acoustic guitars/effects and vocals, violin, grand piano, swirling organ and forceful upright bass. A sprawling, detailed and ornamented long-form composition – ghostly and almost baroque in expression – ‘In My Arms Many Flowers’ is at the same time adventurous and romantic, nocturnal and bleak. ‘In My Arms Many Flowers’ is the first and only single from Quiet Sonias forthcoming EP, ‘All Black Horses Came Thundering’ (November 11 2022).

More about the single – personal quote (Nikolaj):
‘In My Arms Many Flowers’ was my first serious attempt at writing a composition with finger-picked guitar inspirered by American Primitivism figures such as Robbie Basho, Leo Kottke and James Blackshaw. I was also inspired by the seemingly free-flowing yet tightly composed melody-writing of contemporary jazz artists such as Tigran Hamasyan and Avishai Cohen, and the work with silence, texture and dynamics in early post-rock, modern classical (such as the Wandelweiser-label) and classic ECM recordings (Stephan Micus, John Surman, Eberhard Weber).

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In My Arms Many Flowers (Single)

Release Date : October 7, 2022
Artist : Quiet Sonia
Format : Digital Download

Nikolaj Bruus: Acoustic Steel String Guitar, Lead-Vocals
Thea Thorborg Pedersen: Violin
Rasmus Jon Lundager: Organ
Frida Rolskov Pedersen: Grand Piano
Phillip Dyssegaard: Upright Bass

Mix: Nikolaj Bruus
Engineer: Kristian Alexander Pedersen
Mastering: David Elberling
Music Video: Marianne Skaarup Jakobsen
Artwork: Nikolaj Bruus