About the Single

“Keep Still”, the second single of Deirdre’s forthcoming debut-album “Heart Work”, is a captivating, emotive slacker-rock/power-pop track that (much alike the previous single, “Only You”) seamlessly interweaves 90’s lo-fi aesthetics with the finesse of contemporary pop production. With lyrics exploring themes of identity, solitude, and the passage of time, “Keep Still” concerns feelings of inertia and stagnation, a sense of stasis and a lack of motivation. Led by Johnsen’s calm, subtly- autotuned almost conversational voice – often with a mellow yet slighly playful, offbeat lyrical tone – and supported by gentle acoustic guitars, lush synths, harmonious backing vocals, grunge-infused electric guitars and forceful yet atmospheric drums, “Keep Still” is a vibrant, vivid second single painting a poignant picture of a person grappling with their past, their present circumstances, and the uncertainty of the future.

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Keep Still (Single)

Release Date : October 20, 2023
Artist : Deirdre
Format : Digital Download

Mix: Peter Reuss
ISRC: QMFME2309241
UPC: 197189937552
Duration: 03:06
Music and lyrics by: Joakim Johnsen
Produced by: Peter Reuss
Mastering by: Christian Henrik Ankerstjerne
Artwork by: Joakim Johnsen
Copyright: Deirdre & Pink Cotton Candy Records