About the Album

While recording “Life on the Bridge”, Bright Young Future moved together in the studio. In the time they lived together – playing, rehearsing, recording – they developed a common language to shape and share their ideas and music. Jacob and Rune both experienced loss of loved ones
while recording the album, which significantly shaped the work. The album works as an analogy of life from birth to death. The songs are thought of as “scenes” playing out while passing a bridge: Different challenges, experiences and perspectives – presenting themselves as “images”
open for interpretative freedom and imagination – relating to universal themes such as life, death, love, endings and beginnings. Mastered by ambient/drone legend Taylor Deupree, and containing executive producer features from electronic artist Tettix Hexer, “Life on the Bridge” is proudly released by Pink Cotton Candy Records.

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Life On The Bridge

Release Date : August 19, 2022
Artist : Bright Young Future
Catalog ref. : PCC0003DR
Format : Digital Download

Performed, written and produced by Bright Young Future
Co-producing “End Summer in the Sun”: Tettix Hexer
Vocals on “Birthday Party”, “Your Solar System”, “Bright Young Future”: Nadja Mckerecher Risager
Mix: Rune Risager
Additional mix “In Front of My Eyes”, “I Saw You Flying”, “End Summer in The Sun”: Tettix Hexer
Nikolaj Nielsen: Vocal-recording on “End Summer in the Sun”, “I Saw You Flying”
Master: Taylor Deupree
Cover-art: Rune Risager