About the Single

“Living for the Night” stands as the second and final single preceding the release of “Shock Pop Vol II.” True to its title, the song pays homage to the nightlife—embodying a blend of sleaze, coolness, and melancholy that captures the essence of being young, reckless, and carefree. Imagine the Hacienda club scene transplanted to 1950s Chicago or Las Vegas, infused with emotion and irrepressible audacity, and you start to grasp the essence of the song. Taking the listener on a hazy night drive – exploring the edgy facets of any major city – the listener encounters jazzy trumpets and piano solos, a bluesy dusty harmonica, diverse field recordings, even a Christmas choir! A baggy, dark alternative dance track – Happy Mondays meets Xiu Xiu meets 22 Pistepirkko – “Living for the Night” provides a nostalgic yet contemporary sounding glimpse into the mind of someone resisting the inevitability of aging.

Living For The Night (Single)

Artist : Chopper
Format : Digital Download

Artwork: Ama May
Master: ET Mastering
Mix: Nikolaj Bruus & Chopper
Video: Ama May, Chopper, Thomas Skjølstrup