About the Single

“Moongirl” marks the first single from Chopper’s forthcoming “Shock Pop Vol II.” In stark contrast to the exuberant and dance-centric Vol I, “Moongirl” embarks on an atmospheric and cinematic sonic journey. With its majestic drum machine sounds, ethereal synths, hypnotically steady bassline, haunting glam rock guitars and an emotionally charged vocal performance – perhaps reminiscent of the likes of Bowie and Brett Anderson (albeit in a slightly bleaker and rougher disguise) – ”Moongirl” emerges as a powerful wall of sound, a wistful rock ballad steeped in gothic romanticism; an attempt to infuse newfound significance into the term ‘stadium rock’ (or at least Chopper’s own unique interpretation of the genre). The song carries an undercurrent of melancholy, depth, introspection, and sensitivity – showcasing Chopper’s versatility across a wide spectrum of genres and emotions – and with compositional nods to a rendez-vous between T.Rex, Sisters of Mercy and Angelo Badalamenti, “Moongirl” emerges as a uniquely haunting, darkly beautiful piece.

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Moongirl (Single)

Release Date : October 11, 2023
Artist : Chopper
Format : Digital Download

Backing vocals by: Marie Nyhus Janssen & Josephine Alicia Kirchert Tække
Trumpet by: Nina Larsen
Mix by: Chopper & Nikolaj Bruus
Master by: ET Mastering
Music video by: Ama May, Thomas Skjølstrup & Chopper
Costume design by: Randy Collection