About the Album

Recorded entirely live in a candle-lit studio over the course of a weekend at The Royal Danish Academy of Music, Quiet Sonia’s debut full-length album, “QS,” is the first recording featuring the entire seven-piece group.

The album pays homage to a selection of classic rock records that possess a distinctive “live” or “band” feel, such as Songs: Ohia’s “Magnolia Electric Co.,” Van Morrison’s “Astral Weeks,” and Cowboy Junkies’ “The Trinity Session.” It harkens back to the era of recording when tracks were cut straight-to-tape, without the use of multitrack recording techniques. The result is a certain raw and stark quality, devoid of any overdubs. The focus of this record lies in the essence of songwriting, the exceptional interplay within the group, and the momentous energy captured in each individual performance. It invites listeners to engage actively, appreciating the subtle shifts in texture, tempo, dynamics, improvisational elements, and the deliberate use of silence. As a result, the album exudes a warmth, urgency, and intimacy that are rarely experienced in contemporary rock music. “QS” is a sprawling yet intimate, noisy, raw, and emotionally charged chamber rock/folk/post-rock record that opens up a vast and captivating sonic landscape.

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QS (Self Titled)

Release Date : June 2, 2023
Artist : Quiet Sonia
Catalog ref. : PCC0006VR
Format : Vinyl

Nikolaj Bruus: Acoustic Guitar, Lead Vocal
Frida Rolskov Pedersen: Grand Piano, Vocal
Rasmus Jon Lundager: Organ, Vocal
Phillip Dyssegaard: Electric Bass
Jens Marl Christiansen: Drums, Percussion
Thea Thorborg Pedersen: Violin
Anders Meyer: Electric Guitar

Artwork: Robert Fludd (“And So On Into Infinity”, Public Domain)
Logo: Anders Bjørn Sprogøe
Art Design: Brian Raaby Andersen & Nikolaj Bruus
Recorded at: The Royal Danish Academy of Music Copenhagen
Recording Engineer: Kristian Alexander Pedersen
Mix & Mastering: Morten Bue

All songs by Nikolaj Bruus & Quiet Sonia. Lyrics by Nikolaj Bruus.

Thanks to family and friends, KODA Kultur, Kristian Alexander Pedersen, Morten Bue, The Rhythmic Music Conservatory of Copenhagen, Anders Sprogøe, the team at Pink Cotton Candy Records, the local team at The Orchard, Sebastian Ziehler & Big Oil.

© 2023 Quiet Sonia & ℗ 2023 Pink Cotton Candy Records