About the Single

“Rot”, the first single from Taxidermy’s upcoming EP, is an unsettling, labyrinthine noise rock/post-punk track crafting a musical geometry of angular artistry with sharp, incricate and dissonant guitars, tension-filled complex basslines, taut and forceful minimalist drums and idiosyncratic, nervous vocals. Singer Osvald Reinhold describes the voice of “Rot” as ‘marked by an unrest, a journey through doubt’ – reinforced by his emotionally fractured vocals conveying a sense of tactile tension and unease – and as ultimately exploring a narrative of ‘truths that instigate human tragedies’. With an intense and driving energy, shifting between expressive atonal abrasiveness and minimalist precision, “Rot” is a sprawling, slowly evolving and truly dynamic piece heavy on atmosphere. With raw energy, avant-garde curiosity and intricate technique, “Rot” leaves us excited to hear more!

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Rot (Single)

Release Date : May 4, 2024
Artist : Taxidermy
Format : Digital Download

Songwriters : Toke Brejning Frederiksen & Osvald Reinhold
Producer : Johan Knutz Haavik
Performers : Osvald Reinhold (vocal, guitar), Toke Brejning Frederiksen (guitar), Malthe Junge (guitar), Joachim Lorck-Schierning (bass guitar), Johan Knutz Haavik (drums)
Mix : Johan Knutz Haavik
Master : Knut Haavik