About the Album

It hasn’t gotten any easier to label Chopper since their debut-release, “The Wonderful and Wicked World of Chopper” (2022), which was quite trashy yet charming. A dangerous blend of larger-than-life mentality and manic self-realization, Chopper struggles with staggering cynicism and self-irony. The old Casio keyboard has been replaced by metallic drum programming, sleazy funky basslines, jazz-pop saxophones, and disco-inspired string arrangements. These elements seamlessly blend into highly-arranged pop compositions alongside harshly beautiful attacks of relentless distortion guitars and the versatile spinning, howling, and growling vocals of Jonatan K. Magnussen (Chopper).

Drawing inspiration from industrial acts like Ministry and Skinny Puppy, Chopper places their music in a decidedly weird context that incorporates early-00s pop music, 70s disco and glam rock, and 90s Eurodance and techno. “Shock Pop Vol. I,” the first installment in a forthcoming series of shocking surprises, is brimming with creativity and playfulness. If Chopper’s debut album was a carnival from hell, “Shock Pop Vol. I” is the perfect afterparty.

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Shock Pop Vol. I

Release Date : June 16, 2023
Artist : Chopper
Catalog ref. : PCC0007DR
Format : Digital Download

Jonatan K. Magnussen: Lead Vocal, Backing Vocals, Electric Guitar, Bass Guitar, Programming
Ama May: Backing Vocals, Lead Vocal (“Touch”)
Josephine Alicia: Backing Vocals

Mix: Nikolaj Bruus & Chopper
Mastering: Morten Bue
Album Artwork: Ama May