About the Album

In “Shock Pop Vol. II”, Chopper remains confrontational, idiosyncratic and in-your-face – the nauseous spectacle with bubblegum and confetti, eurodance and glam rock, remains –
however, both lyrically and musically, there is a wistfulness, depth and introverted fragility not as prominently expressed in his earlier work. “Shock Pop Vol II” takes you on a time-travel
through various musical eras, spanning from the glamour, loftiness and polish of 80’s commercial pop and rock to the drug-fueled raving heydays of the Hacienda Club, infused with heavy industrial sounds within classical Morricone-inspired compositions (even free-jazz noise rock explosions!). One thing is certain: Chopper refuses to be confined to a specific genre and rejects predictability. “Shock Pop Vol II” showcases an ambitious artist unafraid of embracing vulnerability, kitsch, and flamboyance. Regardless of how dark and bleak it gets in
Chopper’s universe, it is always executed with such wit, playfulness and self-awareness that you can’t help but be charmed by it.

Drawing inspiration from industrial acts like Ministry and Skinny Puppy, Chopper places their music in a decidedly weird context that incorporates early-00s pop music, 70s disco and glam rock, and 90s Eurodance and techno. “Shock Pop Vol. I,” the first installment in a forthcoming series of shocking surprises, is brimming with creativity and playfulness. If Chopper’s debut album was a carnival from hell, “Shock Pop Vol. II” is the perfect afterparty.

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Shock Pop Vol. II

Artist : Chopper
Format : Digital Download

Lead vocals, Guitars, Bass, Drum programming, Piano and Synths by: Chopper
Backing Vocals by: Josephine Alicia Kirchert Tække
Backing Vocals on “Secret Side” and “Cope” by: Vamilla
Harmonica on “Living for the Night” by: Lasse B. Beck
Synth on “Secret Side” and “Cope” by: Christoffer Jørgensen
Violin on “Cope” by: Thea Thorborg
Trumpet on “Moongirl” by: Nina Larsen
Saxophone on “Cope” and Backing Vocals on “Moongirl” by: Marie Nyhus Janssen

All Songs Written and Recorded by Chopper
Mixed by Nikolaj Bruus & Chopper
Mastered by ET Mastering
Artwork, Photos, and Album design by: Amalie Maj