About the Single

“Springtime” is the first single of Chopper’s mini-album, “Shock Pop Vol. I”, the first installment in an series of (shocking) surprises. The song was made during winter in the pandemic, and illuminates the feeling of isolation and longing we’ve all gotten to know so well during those years. Dancing on a thin line between comedy and tragedy – bittersweet and romantic, ugly and possessive – Chopper continues an artistic exploration of the inherent dualities of the human condition, celebrating and exploring topics such as love, sexuality and carefree joy. Drawing inspiration from the alienated glossy synth-glamour of Pet Shop Boys, the raw industrial bone-shaking beats and noise of Skinny Puppy and the strange nostalgic rave of Underworld – recontextualised in a unique modern context (with the rare mark of a truly original artistic sensibility) – “Springtime” is dangerous and destructive, smooth, witty and elegant. It’s difficult not to be enchanted by the undeniable wonderful and wicked world of Chopper.

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Springtime (Single)

Release Date : March 17, 2023
Artist : Chopper
Format : Digital Download

released March 17, 2023
Recorded and Performed By Chopper
Backing vocals by Amalie Maj & Josephine Alicia
Mix by Nikolaj Bruus & Chopper
Mastering by Morten Bue
Video by Chopper
Artwork by Chopper / Amalie Maj