About the Single

“Sugar and Spice” is the second single of Chopper’s mini-album, “Shock Pop Vol. I”, and it’s the most tremendous and relentlessly hedonistic piece so far. A fast, furious and trippy ride through all sorts of genres and emotions: Sending a loving thought to Bowie’s album “Outside”, visiting the heyday of ABBA, dropping acid with The Shamen and thriving on the outrageousness of Ministry. “Sugar and Spice” sounds like a fever dream you don’t want to wake up from ‘cause it’s simply too alluring and exciting! Freaky, frightening and funny all at once – almost cartoonish at times – with the bold use of cheesy jazz saxophones, 80’s orchestral hits, repulsive heavy guitars and pompous string arrangements. Chopper, though, somehow manages to keep it all together in a context that is both innovative, undeniably powerful and strangely beautiful. The track features Glitchi on vocals and the blend between her voice and Chopper’s harsh, grim expression only adds another interesting and emotionally ambivalent layer to the song. “Sugar and Spice” is unforeseen surprises and amusing drama, maximalism and chaos, held together by a strong creative mind. You don’t even have to like it to be smitten and seduced by it. It’s sweet, spicy and not something you want to miss!

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Sugar and Spice (Single)

Release Date : April 21, 2023
Artist : Chopper
Format : Digital Download

released April 21, 2023
Recorded and Performed by Chopper
Guest Vocals by Glitchi
Backing Vocals by Amalie Maj & Josephine Alicia
Mix by Nikolaj Bruus & Chopper
Mastering by Morten Bue
Artwork by Chopper & Amalie Maj
Video by Chopper & Gang