About the Single

This Tender Violence is the debut single from Quiet Sonia and serves as the opening track of their upcoming EP titled “Wild and Bitter Fruits.”

Here are Nikolaj Bruus’ notes on This Tender Violence:

“EP opener, This Tender Violence, is perhaps the most ‘traditional’ track on the EP. The song encompasses a modern folk dimension, drawing inspiration from American Primitivism, as well as a dream pop/shoegaze context, with elements of classic rock. The lyrics are influenced by minimalist confessional poetry (Raymond Carver, Robert Lowell, Robert Creeley) – exploring how much can be conveyed through simple everyday language, a straightforward setting, a few actions, and carefully chosen symbols. Additionally, the lyrics touch upon themes of anxiety and depression within a deteriorating relationship. While these terms are often overused, I aimed to create a dark, melancholic, dreamy, and grandiose track. I wanted to experiment with a ‘big music’ or ‘wall of sound’ aesthetic, testing whether I could combine Robbie Basho’s energetically fierce solo guitar playing on an acoustic steel-string guitar with a rock band context. The sound I sought to achieve was intense, embracing, and spirited, with a polished professional quality while still retaining some of the charm and intimacy of a lo-fi bedroom recording. This track marks the first time I recorded professionally and serves as the introduction of Quiet Sonia (at least in the public eye).”

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This Tender Violence (Single)

Release Date : June 5, 2022
Artist : Quiet Sonia
Format : Digital Download

Nikolaj Bruus: Lead Vocal, Acoustic Guitar, Drums, Electric Guitar, Bass, Organ, Synths (Korg MS 20, Juno 60), Percussion, Banjo
Frida Rolskov Pedersen: Piano, Vocals
Thea Thorborg Pedersen: Violin
Jens Leonhard Aagaard: Percussion
Mikkel Trøjborg Fink: Drums
Recording engineer: Nikolaj Bruus
Mix/Mix-Bus Processing: Nikolaj Bruus
Mastering: David Elberling