About the Single

“Today,” the second single from Taxidermy’s forthcoming EP, “Coin,” is a modern-day doomsday sermon, unfolding atop a disorienting musical bed – an uneasy, intense slab of post-punk/ noise rock – evoking both the fragmented grooves of Gang of Four and the piercing, textured skronk of Sonic Youth. From the outset, angular guitar and bass patterns seamlessly intertwine with frenetic drumming, creating a relentless, machinery-like ostinato that propels the song forward with ferocity. Against this hypnotic backdrop, Osvald Reinhold’s impassioned vocals deliver a monotone portrayal of what he describes as “a landscape crushed by tidal waves of despair and discord slowly rising to reach new heights”. With punchy verses yielding to chaotic waves of guitar- driven frenzy in the choruses, “Today” is steadily accumulating energy as it progresses, ultimately climaxing in a whirlwind of madness; an outburst of desperate, strange and pulsating energy, a captivating, riveting experience.

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Today (Single)

Artist : Taxidermy
Format : Digital Download

Songwriters : Toke Brejning Frederiksen & Osvald Reinhold
Producer : Johan Knutz Haavik
Performers : Osvald Reinhold (vocal, guitar), Toke Brejning Frederiksen (guitar), Malthe Junge (guitar), Joachim Lorck-Schierning (bass guitar), Johan Knutz Haavik (drums)
Mix : Johan Knutz Haavik
Master : Knut Haavik