About the Single

“Touch” (May 26) is the third single from the Chopper mini-album, “Shockpop Vol 1” (June 16): A playful, danceable and fearless contemporary pop banger led by the alluring and enigmatic icy voice of Ama May. As we have come to know Chopper, there seems to be no limitations to what might be considered “good taste” – with strong parallels to the 90’s eurodance scene, euro-disco and early noughties French House (besides the obvious post-punk, industrial and Madchester references). Musically, though, behind the surface-level of apparent kitsch and cheekiness, an emotional urgency and ambivalence resonates; and it’s just this fine balance and duality that in general makes Chopper so tempting and exciting. “Touch” welcomes big 80’s orchestral hits, sleazy funky basslines, sexy saxophone themes and 90’s midi grand piano, but the track succeeds to manifest itself in a very present context through its production and the merging, idiosyncratic collage-like vision of a contemporary artistic temperament. Play it loud and hard and join the thundering and vivid realm of Chopper!

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Touch (Single)

Release Date : May 26, 2023
Artist : Chopper
Format : Digital Download

Ama May: Lead Vocals
Chopper (Jonatan K. Magnussen): Backing Vocals, Electric Guitar, Bass Guitar, Programming
Josephine Alicia: Backing Vocals
Christopher Jørgensen: Additional Synths / Programming

Cover-Art: Ama May
Video: Chopper & The Gang
Mix: Nikolaj Bruus
Mastering: Morten Bue