About the EP

Wild and Bitter Fruits is the debut-EP of Quiet Sonia. Blending indierock, folk, post-rock and shoegaze – with inspiration from jazz, techno, ambient and modern classical – the result is a kaleidoscopic, multi-colored, genre-defying, almost mosaic-like listening experience, brimming with details and rewarding repeated listenings. Singer and guitarist Nikolaj Bruus has written, recorded and mixed Wild and Bitter Fruits almost entirely on his own (with the exception of much appreciated help from single bandmates and sporadic professional assistance), learning many things from scratch, and the result is an exercise in an almost dogma-less work with all the control and detail-work that follows.

Fronted by Nikolaj Bruus’ rich baritone-voice and evocative abstract lyrics – brooding, roaring and howling – and his often detailed and nuanced compositions on acoustic steel string guitar, Bruus’ playing and songwriting pays homage to introspective songwriters such as Nick Drake, Tim Buckley and Elliott Smith, and the almost spiritual or devotional quality of guitarists like Robbie Bashoe and John Fahey. As a rock band – accompanied by Thea Thorborg Pedersen (Violin), Frida Rolskov Pedersen (Piano, Vocals), Rasmus Jon Lundager (Organ, Synths), Jens Marl Christiansen (Drums), Anders Meyer (Electric Guitar) and Phillip Dyssegaard (Bass) – besides the occasional chamber feel of the acoustic setting, Quiet Sonia is also ethereal swells of fuzzed out guitars, lush synths and wheezing organs, bombastic distorted bass/drums, and layered intertwining male-female vocal harmonies (just to mention a few characteristics).

From the lush melodic and concise pop-songwriting of The Go Betweens, Wedding Present and Hüsker Dü – tightly crafted, direct and forceful with a seemingly volcanic furious power and energy – to the warm reflective atmosphere, longer narrative-like compositional structures and dynamic intricate arrangements of Talk Talk, Tindersticks and Bark Psychosis, Quiet Sonia draws on a broad palette of eclectic stylistic influences. At times pitch-black, anxious and somber, at times hopeful, dreamy and majestic. The music, though, is always characterized by an emotional urgency; a search for musical catharsis; a wish for communicating something deeply powerful and moving, from severe sonic attacks and harsh punishing bursts of sound to ecstatic beauty and pure bliss.

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Wild and Bitter Fruits (EP)

Release Date : June 10, 2022
Artist : Quiet Sonia
Catalog ref. : PCC0002DR
Format : Digital Download

Nikolaj Bruus: Lead vocals, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, drums, synths (Juno 60, Korg MS-20), percussion, electric bass, organ, banjo
Frida Rolskov Pedersen: Piano, vocals
Thea Thorborg Pedersen: Violin
Jens Leonhard Aagaard: Percussion (on “This Tender Violence”)
Mikkel Trøjborg Fink: Drums (on “This Tender Violence”)

Recording engineer: Nikolaj Bruus
Mix/Mix-Bus Processing: Nikolaj Bruus
Mastering: David Elberling
Album-Art: Nikolaj Bruus
Album Graphics: Nikolaj Bruus / Brian Raaby Andersen / Rasmus Jon
Single-Art (This Tender Violence): Anders Bjørn Sprogøe

Thanks to Koda Kulturs Vækstlagspulje for financial support.

Thanks to:
Family and friends, The Rhythmic Music Conservatory of Copenhagen, Kristian Alexander Pedersen, Sebastian Zieler & Big Oil, Jonas Munk, Søren Kjærgaard, Anders Sprogøe, David Elberling, Dorias Baracca & late Buster Krogsgaard Svendsen, Poul Lendal, Susanne Abildgaard, Jacob Awegaard, Mikkel Trøjborg Fink, Jens Leonhard Aagaard, Collider, First Flush, The Love Coffin, Himmelrum, Jeppe Kalnæs, Tobias Frank, Claus Falkenstrøm, Nana Lagerfelt, Frederik Vedersø, Rune Risager, Lars Rex, the staff at “udlån” (RMC), Homesickness, Jakob Cæsius Krohn and Marie Holmegaard Sørensen, Bright Young Future, Moby Disc and the late GP Musik, the Music Library of Odense, Rebecca Molina, Chopper, all the wonderful bands and artists we’re inspired by….