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“Your Fire Must Dance Again” is the second single of Homesickness’ album, “Blood Rush, Tempest Oceans”. A musical piece of naked intimacy and fearless emotional honesty, Junge describes the song as ‘a letter of apology and love’, and as ‘reflecting on a time of blindness caused by stubbornbess, the realisation of having choker out a beautiful light that once was.’ Floating with free-flowing ease and a gorgeous lightness, Homesickness blur the lines between folk, rock and jazz using acoustic guitar, electric bass, piano, violin, mellotron and choir in this chamber-folk setting inspired by the likes of Leonard Cohen, Bill Callahan, Ryley Walker and Tindersticks. Because everything was falling apart, because everything was coming together.

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Your Fire Must Dance Again (Single)

Release Date : October 28, 2022
Artist : Homesickness
Format : Digital Download

Written and Composed by Malthe Junge

Performed By:
Guitar/Song – Malthe Junge
Bass – Johan Knutz Haavik
Mellotrone – Johan Knutz Haavik
Violin – Jacob Kaarsberg
Piano – Osvald Reinhold
Choir-arrangement – Osvald Reinhold, Jacob Kaarsberg
Choir – Johan Knutz Haavik, Osvald Reinhold, Lasse S. Hansen, Tobias Grann, Jacob Kaarsberg, Jakob T. Jorsal

Mix / Production – Johan Knutz Haavik
Mastering – Knut Haavik

Artwork: Liva Jo