Pink Cotton Candy Poster – Dark

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Introducing the Pink Cotton Candy Records Exclusive Poster – where music meets art in an eco-friendly embrace.

🌿 Sustainable Soundwaves: Printed on premium organic recycled paper, this poster embodies our commitment to sustainable creativity. Elevate your space with an eco-conscious touch that resonates with the beats of Pink Cotton Candy Records.

🎨 Danish Design Harmony: Designed and printed in Denmark, this poster blends the sophistication of Danish design with the vibrant energy of Pink Cotton Candy Records. A visual symphony that’s as stylish as it is sustainable.

🌎 Global Groove, Local Craft: Immerse yourself in the international allure of Pink Cotton Candy Records, all while supporting local craftsmanship. This exclusive poster brings the world of music and Danish creativity to your doorstep.

🎁 Perfect Harmony for Gifting: Share the gift of artistic expression with the Pink Cotton Candy Records Exclusive Poster. Perfect for music enthusiasts and eco-conscious individuals, it’s a harmonious addition to any space.

Transform your surroundings with the Pink Cotton Candy Records Exclusive Poster – where music, design, and sustainability unite in a visual celebration. Get yours today and groove with style! 🎢🌸

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Special paper – 250 g recycled paper/RecyStar

Paper with a more raw appearance. The paper has a natural white/off-white surface with a light texture.

Since this is 100% recycled paper, the color may vary slightly. Any reprints, especially with color printing, may therefore vary in appearance.

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Additional information

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