About Taxidermy

Taxidermy is a Copenhagen-based experimental noise rock/post-punk band, consisting of Osvald Reinhold (vocals, guitar), Toke Brejning Frederiksen (guitar), Joachim Lorch- Schierning (bass), and Johan Knutz Haavik (drums). Inspired by the tight nervous post- punk of the late ’70s and ’80s, the dissonant angular experiments of math-rock and no wave, as well as the minimalism and vitality of post-hardcore and emo, Taxidermy delves into the cryptic and disorienting, the claustrophobic and surreal, in their sonic explorations of the disquiet of contemporary existence. Fronted by Reinhold’s frenetic, tension-fuelled voice (perhaps reminiscent of singers such as David Thomas and Black Francis) – and through intricate, unpredictable compositions, raw and visceral textures, broad dynamic range, and intense emotional delivery – Taxidermy challenges the listener to confront the discomfort of the unknown, somewhat akin to contemporary acts such as Black Midi, Sprain, and Metz.


About ROT

“Rot”, the first single from Taxidermy’s upcoming EP, is an unsettling, labyrinthine noise rock/post-punk track crafting a musical geometry of angular artistry with sharp, incricate and dissonant guitars, tension-filled complex basslines, taut and forceful minimalist drums and idiosyncratic, nervous vocals. Singer Osvald Reinhold describes the voice of “Rot” as ‘marked by an unrest, a journey through doubt’ – reinforced by his emotionally fractured vocals conveying a sense of tactile tension and unease – and as ultimately exploring a narrative of ‘truths that instigate human tragedies’. With an intense and driving energy, shifting between expressive atonal abrasiveness and minimalist precision, “Rot” is a sprawling, slowly evolving and truly dynamic piece heavy on atmosphere. With raw energy, avant-garde curiosity and intricate technique, “Rot” leaves us excited to hear more!


No release yet.