About Homesickness

Homesickness is an indie-folk/jazz/post-rock septet framed around the tranquil and  pensive artistic voice of Copenhagen-based singer, guitarist, lyricist and painter, Malthe  Junge. A trust-based and compassionate musical space – striving to transmit and  elucidate the often verbally inexplicable joys and sorrows of personal mental health and  emotional life – the group paints a varied sonic picture using sound sources such as  violin, piano, trumpet, saxophone and mellotrone, besides the acoustic and electric guitar,  drums and bass. Ideally, the compositions work as intuitive artistic tools to mirror and  stimulate conversations about mental health, spirituality, love and relations; a glimpse into  a highly personal, vulnerable – and sometimes almost devotional – striving for  emancipation, where light and love, pain and darkness can be unified into a cohesive  aesthetic whole.


Blood Rush, Tempest Oceans

Making room for improvisation and exploring the beauty and fragility of musical coincidences, the  musical expression on “Blood Rush, Tempest Oceans” is delicate, frail, gentle and yet profound  (perhaps revitalizing the expression “quiet is the new loud”). A heartwarming – equally sad and  uplifting – piece of music, knowing grief but promising hope, we believe this work to be an  understated but deep and graceful musical experience. The album deals with a difficult period of  life marked by PTSD – the diagnosis, the acceptance and the following treatment – and the  simultaneous revitalization and awakening of a broken heart. There’s a weightless almost  immaterial pastoral quality to the songs, a soft, kind embrace. It’s about patience, peace, and  healing. A truly empathetic project, we’re proud to release “Blood Rush, Tempest Oceans” on Pink  Cotton Candy Records.