About Chopper

“Based in Copenhagen, Denmark, Chopper is a dark, danceable and playful solo-project by Jonatan K. Magnussen (The Love Coffin) feeding on anything from eurodance to glam rock, harsh industrial to disco (Chopper himself prefers the term “shock pop”). Already receiving attention for his intense live shows, enigmatic music videos and flamboyant expressive attitude, Chopper is all about a fine line between tragedy and comedy. Although reminiscent of oldschool horror flicks and synthetic bubblegum pastiche, don’t fool yourself – underneath lies an undeniable gut- wrenching personal force. Imagine a carnival from hell, a fun, haunting and amusing little nightmare, the sound of untamed youth and the longing for love; all somehow elegantly yet forcefully contrasting the bleakest personal observations. With great charm, diversity and somewhat diabolic undertones, Chopper demands to be included among the unholy (and unwritten) canon of weird, haunting, homeless, lost pop figures of the past and present. Chopper lives well and free in a strange but captivating world. Long live the wicked!”


Shock Pop Vol. II

In “Shock Pop Vol. II”, Chopper remains confrontational, idiosyncratic and in-your-face – the nauseous spectacle with bubblegum and confetti, eurodance and glam rock, remains – however, both lyrically and musically, there is a wistfulness, depth and introverted fragility not as prominently expressed in his earlier work.